Wednesday, February 29, 2012


just before the barn fire
The fire trucks were here to fight the brush fire that snaked around back.
We still miss our big barn. It had been built decades ago and was nice respite from summer's heat.
It was a peaceful and pleasant place with many fond memories.
taken last week
We now have five small "barns."
It is amazing how much and for how long a big loss affects life afterwards.
We used the big barn several times a day. We had dry household storage (building materials, canning supplies, furniture, clothing, seasonal items, etc) upstairs. Downstairs was Clint's tools, garden equipment, feed storage, and animal shelters. In a couple of terrifying hours, 4,000 square feet and all of those goods were gone!
I have finally broke the habit of saying "Please go to the barn and get..."
Insurance does not replace everything.
We still need certain things like better animal shelter, but God will provide.
We are very thankful for all He has done for us since that awful night!