Wednesday, March 07, 2012

36 Cent Doll Diapers

 This is my doll. I play with her with my girls. I bought her when I was expecting Joshua and used her to teach Brandon and Amanda how to handle and care for a baby. I have used her before every birth to demonstrate baby care with all of my children since. At 13 years old, she has some wear, but I hope I get to use her with my grandchildren.
My time to do things like this is very limited, so I need ideas that do not take a lot of time. I also know how rough my active children are on toys so I did not want to put a lot of money into it. I bought felt panels for 36¢ each, cut them to fit the doll, added buttons (I save all buttons from worn out clothing.), and cut holes. I cut all of the diapers out at one time and then put the buttons on. Then I cut the holes. Bethany had her first sewing lesson and project with these.

Update: I have since found the felt rectangles for .25 each.