Thursday, March 01, 2012

Close Calls, Grey Hair, and Answered Prayers

 Brandon on the zip line.

Brandon left for college an hour early yesterday. Traffic was heavy. There was an accident on the road he needed to go down and police had both lanes blocked off. He tried to turn around, but no one would let him change lanes, so he had a much longer detour.

While he was on his way back to the college, he asked the Lord to delay the teacher so he would not be marked tardy for the class. Class attendance factors into his grades, and he currently has a 4.0 in the course. He did not want one tardy to ruin his hard work.

As he neared his college, a speeding truck lost traction in the heavy rain and started sliding directly for him. Brandon said there was no time to do anything except pray. The large truck narrowly missed him and another vehicle, jumped over a median, slid up onto the sidewalk, drove down it a little ways, and then sped off. God kept my son safe, and I am very thankful. Praise the Lord no one was walking on the sidewalk!

As a result, Brandon was 15 minutes late for class. As he walked into the door, his instructor looked at him and told him he was "lucky" because the classroom printer was not printing. The rule is once the attendance chart has been printed out, it can not be altered. Then his instructor told Brandon he had never had an issue with that particular printer before. Brandon was marked on time for his class!

On Brandon's way home hours later, a truck behind him sped up, drove into the middle of the single lane road between him and an oncoming car. Brandon was doing the speed limit and has no idea why the man suddenly sped up and made his own lane in the middle of the road. The truck tried to brake for the oncoming traffic, but went into a slide probably due to the heavy rain. If there had not been a turn off where Brandon could move over and give him room, the man would have probably hit an oncoming car or sideswiped him. Once again, my son was kept safe, and I am very, very grateful.

While hearing those two close calls, I could feel my hair turning grey. "This is the stuff that ages us," I thought. I chided myself to remember those stories are reasons to PRAISE and not to worry. They are evidence of God answering the many prayers I have prayed over the years.

I did get a good chuckle when Brandon expounded on his opinion of what effect rain has on drivers' common sense. He is not impressed. The second near accident was close to our home, so his adrenaline was still pumping when he got in. He needed someone to listen as he wound down, and out of everyone he knows, he chose me. I love that! I know it will not always be this way, so I am enjoying the moments now.

We have another praise about God's blessing on Brandon's college work. He was hand selected by a professor for an internship that will look great on his resume! Brandon has also been given equipment from the school as a reward for how well he applies himself. I am also thankful for the men God has put in Brandon's path since he began his college. They are counseling him with the same advice Clint and I have given him about his future. God is good!

Thank you to those who are praying with me for my children.