Saturday, March 24, 2012

Heal Your Body with Your Diet

This video is worth your time to watch.

"In 2003 Terry Wahls, M.D., was diagnosed with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis and soon became dependent upon a tilt-recline wheelchair. After developing and using the Wahls Protocol™, she is now able to walk through the hospital and commute to work by bicycle. She now uses intensive directed nutrition in her primary care and traumatic brain injury clinics. Dr. Wahls is the lead scientist in a clinical trial testing her protocol in others with progressive MS."

Her basic recipe for smoothies:  "For green smoothies, use this basic recipe: 1 cup greens, 2 cups fruit or juice, 1-2 cups ice."

If you go to her website and sign up, you will be sent to a page that tell you the initial steps of how to eat the Wahls' Way.