Thursday, April 12, 2012

Prayer Request for Healing and Insurance Resolution

I still have not been paid by the at fault driver's insurance company for the accident that happened last April. Medical bills still need to be paid. My shoulder is still not back to normal and still causes me pain. I am still limited in the work I can do, but am doing therapy exercises with the help of a friend. Doctors say I may need an MRI to see how it is healing because it became very stiff again. Please pray with us my shoulder heals fully and normally. Also pray the insurance company meets their obligations to their insured driver and pays me for the accident. I really do no want to go to court, but if I do, we have a witness to the accident who said she will speak on our behalf and tell how this man was mistreating her and tired to cut her off in the drive-thru line because she is black. He was calling her racist names and acting like a jerk while he was speeding to take her place in line when he hit us very hard. I want fair payment and closure to this long, drawn out nightmare.