Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Prayer Request

This is what our family is praying. Maybe towards the end of the year, we can share more.

Thank you for this opportunity, Lord. Please help us to follow You and to listen carefully to Your leading all the way through. Keep my family and others safe from all harm-physical, emotional, and spiritual. Please make Clint and I stronger for the task and give us your patience when the journey is tough. Let us speak your love and wisdom so clearly that it can not be ignored or discredited. Let the evidence needed to show how Your way brings blessing and how the world's way brings disaster. Let us see potential problems before they arise and help us head them off quickly before they become an issue. Let Your truth banish the lies and take root in hearts. Give us your insight Lord and make us quick to obey Your leading. Shut the door on us before we go the wrong way. We need You in this Father for us to succeed and are asking for You to hold our hand each step of the way. Make us careful and thoughtful so we do not let You down in this opening You have given. Forgive us for any way we have already failed You or brought You shame. In all things, we ask for Your will above our own. In Jesus' precious name, Amen.