Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Camp Piankatank 2012 Father Son Weekend

 Caleb, Brandon, Joshua
Future Asbell Family Leaders
Joshua's arrow is in mid-flight!
Caleb made it to the top!
So did Brandon!
Joshua did too!

Camp Piankatank has a Father Son Weekend every year. Our boys love it!
It is a wonderful time of godly fellowship and activities.
Brandon was able to meet other adult sons who share his career interest and made some business connections this year. God is good!

"Our goal is to give children a week unlike any other they’ll experience all year long. We strive to create the most exciting experience possible where a child can learn about God, themselves, and others all in a safe and encouraging environment. It is truly the desire of Camp Piankatank that campers learn the simple, yet very important fact that God loves them and that God has a plan for their lives."