Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Save Money on Cooking Sprays


This is one of those products that will save you the purchase price right away.
Misto is a refillable pump aerosol container that sprays a fine mist of you choice of oil. It will save you from buying cooking sprays at $2.50 or more a pop. In 3 to 4 uses, you will have saved the purchase price. I purchased one for flavored oils and one for olive oil.

It is very easy to use. You remove the cap and unscrew the pump head. Then you fill approximately half way with oil and replace the pump. You pump it until there is pressure and spray. A fine mist comes out to coat your baking pans or frying pans. You can also use this for flavored oils, homemade perfumes, or to turn pump spray bottles of hairspray into aerosols. Mine works so great, I plan to purchase a third for our RV.