Thursday, August 16, 2012

Natural Homemade Garden Insecticide and Fungicide Recipes

Garden Insecticide

1 cup minced garlic with juice (insect deterrent)
1/2 cup garlic powder (insect deterrent)
1/2 cup cayenne pepper (insect deterrent)
1 cup dish soap (insecticide-coats their abdomen and kills them)
1 cup vinegar (fungicide)

Simmer on the stove in a pot with 4 cups added water. Cool. Strain through old t-shirt or cheesecloth. Squeeze strained medium to get all of the juice (but no pulp) out. 

Add to a 1/2 gallon glass jar or glass bottle. I used a recycled pickle bottle. Fill the remainer with water. Add 1 cup to a recycled spray bottlle, fill with warm water, use on plants.

You should run a test on delicate plants first. 

The pulp you have left over, you can put at the base of your squash or tomato plants as a deterrent. I also used fresh minced garlic this way. It kept the squash vine borers off the plants this years. 

A quick fungicide...1 cup listerine in a spray bottle, fill with water, shake, spray on and under leaves and base of plant. This killed the fungus that attacked my tomato plants this year.