Thursday, September 20, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request: Friend with Flesh Eating Bacteria

9/19 11 a.m. A family I have known my entire life is asking for prayer. Betty Jo contributed to my spiritual heritage through Calvary Baptist Church and is a lady I admire. She drove my school bus at Suffolk Christian school. These people are very dear to me and many of my friends. 

Scott, her 42 year old son, was in my school and my church. He is battling flesh eating bacteria after popping a pimple on his chest. His life is in danger. He is facing many surgeries in the days ahead. They already operated on him twice Monday, and he has ben cut from his chest to his neck, and over his shoulder. They have him sedated. Please pray for my friend Scott and his family. Please ask the Lord to let this move Scott closer to Him. Thank you so much.

Update 9/19 2pm: A friend just left his side and gave everyone a very heartfelt update. Scott is very weak, on a respirator, a feeding tube, has 8 bags going through his IV, is very sedated, and has had 7 surgeries to date. This is very serious and everyone who loves him covets your prayers. 

From Betty Jo (his mom) around 9 on 9/19:

"Randy and I would like to thank you all for praying for Scott and thank you for sharing his condition with your church family. We know he is in the hands on our Lord and pray that God will use this to turn his life around. His is still in critical condition and we were told today that things can still go either way. The doctors have tried to take him off the venilator today, but were unable to get him to breathe on his own. He is also running extremely high temperatures, due to the infection. The good news today is they have not had to cut any more skin from his body, so God is busy at work. Please continue to keep him in your prayers and thank you each and all and may God bless you."

Update 9/23 (I was camping and could not update until now.) from his mother: We were on our way to Norfolk Sentara this a.m., when I realized I had a voice mail from the hospital on my cell. Terrified of bad news I was so nervous I couldn't dial the number to the ICU nurse. When she answered she said Scott would like a cheeseburger, fries and chocolate shake for breakfast. I said you're nuts. She said just wait and see. When we got to his room with his food he was sit
ting up in bed, wide awake and knew who we were. PTL!!!!! A miracle has occurred. We were told the infection has been stablized and we are hoping this is the beginning of his recovery. The surgeon came in to redress the wound said he is doing much, much better, even though he has a long, long way to go. He also said he has been amazed that the bacteria did not overtake more of his skin. Thank you each and all again for your prayers, we appreciate everyone and are so thankful to you all. Talked to an old friend today that said she has 5 churches in Hawaii praying for him. Amazing what the power of prayer can do. THANKS and keep them coming.