Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Damage to the Suburban

The driver's side with grass still in it!
passenger side

When Amanda called me to tell me she had wrecked, I turned off the stove and had Bethany bring her brothers in from doing chores. I sent the first boy to me for my shoes. I called a friend and told her in a 9 second phone call to get prayers started while I put on my shoes. I gave quick instructions and a brief explanation before jumping into the suburban to go to Amanda.  I drove fast to the end of the lane and then... could not find the key that is normally kept on the "shifter" to open the gate.

All I could hear in my head was Amanda pleading "Just get here, Mom."

As I backed up the truck to go to the house for a key, I saw the ditch separating my neighbor's place and ours. It's a deep ditch in some places, but this area is shallower. I felt reasonably certain the truck could handle it. I had not put this particular truck in 4WD before. There were buttons, not a stick, so I wasn't sure how to do it. I asked God "Please get me over the ditch, and keep the truck moving. I only need this truck to move until I get to her. After that, I don't care."

I jabbed at the unfamiliar 4WD buttons until the lights lit up, not knowing if I had done it correctly, and then I slowly drove forward at an angle like Clint had taught me with other trucks. The "Sub" took the ditch with no problems. Once I cleared the ditch, I drove through my neighbor's empty lot and out the driveway and then took her out of 4WD while still moving. Somehow the Sub survived my ignorance in how she works with only damage to the running boards!

My children told me every time they see the dents in the running boards they will be reminded that I will do my best to get to them. I can live with that. I told them to also remember their Daddy doesn't see the damage or feel the shimmy in the front tire because that is what he expects me to do for them.

The resale of the suburban has gone down, but my husband and children see value in those dents. I can live with that!