Friday, October 26, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

People are concerned for how Hurricane Sandy will affect our family and little farm. Right now, we are not too worried, but because the track keeps changing to less in our favor we are continuing to monitor it. As of 11 o'clock last night, we were expecting sustained winds of 40 mph with 50 and 60 mph gusts. Rain is suppose to be between 4-6". Flooding is expected to be around 6'. That's the part that has us concerned. 

Clint has to work. I can't in good conscience leave a large amount of work waiting on him when he gets home, so I will do the bulk of the storm preparations. At the moment, we don't think we will flood, but preparation is the prudent choice. Most of the time, the preparations are not necessary. When they have been, it was such a blessing to not have to scramble. When we've had to evacuate we did so knowing we did our very best to protect our critters and property.

The river keeps us cool all summer with wonderful breezes. We love being close enough to go swimming and fishing when we want. The sunsets are gorgeous! We can see the July 4th fireworks they set off over the water from our house. The Bald Eagles and Osprey are amazing to watch. It's worth a little trouble now and then.

Update: The tide predictions did not improve overnight. Clint plans on buying cinder blocks and raising a few of our sheds higher tonight. Please pray for him as he does this because there is risk involved. I will be on hand to keep watch over him and help where he directs. With Irene, we had 1-2" of water in one of the new sheds. They say this storm will be similar. If they are off just a bit, a few blocks could make a difference. We are still learning how to prepare for storms without our huge two story barn. It was pretty easy to take everything upstairs and close the doors!