Tuesday, October 02, 2012


You know that quote that says "Sometimes God calms the storm, and sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child." I lived that last week.

A couple of weeks before Amanda's accident, Carla, a friend I have known for a long time and reconnected with on Facebook, wrote to say God had put me on her heart for urgent prayer. She did not know why, but she prayed for me, and wanted me to know. I had no idea why either, but thanked her for being faithful. I saved the email to print out and put into my "memory box."


When I was at the scene of the accident, I had a moment where I felt so helpless and weak. The phone call I had received from Amanda, where she was gasping for breath and I thought she was dying, was enough to take any parent to their limit. I had a very frightened child who had just gone through something traumatic. I was very concerned for brain and internal injuries. I had five younger children at home that needed my supervision and assurance. Clint was stuck in traffic on I64 and was calling me every so often to get an update. Amanda was asking me to get her oldest brother to her, and I couldn't reach him. There was a deputy and a state trooper asking me questions. Then, Amanda was being strapped to a backboard, and no one was there to go with her. I was totally overwhelmed. I bent at the waist and cried out to God "This is too much! Father, help me!!!!"

Immediately after that plea, I felt the Holy Spirit remind me of my friend's email. "This moment has already been covered in prayer. Carla wrote you and told you about it. It was for this moment in time." Suddenly, I was filled with strength and confidence. My God had already equipped me through a faithful prayer warrior. 

Knowing in that awful, crushing moment that God had already thought of my needs before the crash ever happened reminded me of His great love and that strengthened me. Knowing a friend loved me enough to pray even when she didn't know why lifted my spirits. This is the loving God I serve. This is the incredible family He has given me.