Thursday, November 01, 2012

End of the Year Posts

In an effort to enjoy more time with our family, we have scheduled the blog posts between now and January 15. It's something we've been working on since late September and early October. 

We are letting everyone know about this "pre-posting" so they won't think we are ignoring emails when they see posts going up. Blogger has a wonderful feature that allows us to schedule blog posts ahead of time. This means we don't have to check it daily. We usually keep it about two to three months ahead with some empty days here and there for photos or in case something happens. 

Coming up is an inexpensive substitute for dishwasher detergent that we have used for years, funny sayings of our children, pictures from now, herbal medicine info, excerpts from a book, old pictures, quotes, lessons in faith, etc. 

If you write us, expect a delay because we will not be on the computer much. We are going to be making ornaments, baking cookies, playing games, visiting friends, going on outings, and enjoying this precious, crazy, joyful, and wonderful life God has given us.