Saturday, December 08, 2012

Clint Gangnam Style


This was the only free JibJab I found when I went looking to make one, so that explains the choice in video. Sometimes when I do things like this, it sparks a fun and entertaining game with Clint and I. However, timing is everything!

December is a very busy time of year for our family.
He has a busy schedule at work.
He can't access JibJab from work.
So, I really don't think he will have time for payback :-)!

I do not know how long the link will be valid, so enjoy it while it's there.

Disclaimer: Our friends are from many walks of life and have many different opinions on what is acceptable. I don't speak Korean, and I have absolutely no idea what the song is about. My goal was to have some fun with my husband. I shared it with some close friends who suggested I post it here so others could share in the laughs. Clint saw the video before I posted this and got a kick out of it. Do not watch the video if you are easily offended.

Hannah was quite impressed with Daddy's dancing skills!