Monday, January 07, 2013

Webmasters Take Note

I sent this to a curriculum company, but it is an issue many sign in websites have. I am grateful to webmasters who have made it easier than this.

I tried to download a placement test. It told me I needed to sign in. I tried the email address I have used for most things in the last 10 years, and it was not associated with an account. Your site told me to set up a new account. I tried. Evidently the name or address triggered something, and it said I had an account and needed to log in or have my password reset by entering the email address associated with the account. I couldn't do that because I do not know the email address used. I had to enter all new information (good thing I have a second address) to find a way around this issue to get access to the placement test so I could figure out what I needed to order. This creates a burden and frustrates potential customers. Please correct it because as a homeschooling mother of seven, I do not need more hassle in my life. I need easy, and I order from the companies who make my life easy. Thank you very much for your time regarding this matter.