Thursday, April 18, 2013

When the Little Ones Just Won't Stop Talking to You

True Story: Hannah is jabbering away while Clint works on the bathroom sheet rock. Clint is tired. He stayed up late last night and also took a very late night phone call from work. Yet, he's patiently listening and answering questions because he knows it's about more than the dresses she's talking about. It's more important than how tired he is. It's about building a lifelong relationship and giving her a parent who cares about what she cares about. It's about giving her a safe haven to air her feelings, a safe place to come when she needs someone.

It's called parenting. Sometimes we have to sacrifice our desire for peace and quiet to show love to our children. Real parenting is work. Good relationships with your children don't "just happen." 

Please don't consider your blessing a curse. Time with your child is limited and none of us are promised tomorrow. I personally know parents who would love to hear the sound of their child jabbering away about nothing in particular for hours on end in exchange for the silence at their graves. 

Many parents gripe that they can't watch a TV show for their children's desire to share with them. Think before you pass up something beautiful and meaningful for something that has no meaning.