Saturday, June 22, 2013

Soaking It In While I Can

About every other day or so, depending on how hard she's been playing, Hannah will seek me out. Usually with a blanket in hand or wrapped around her like a cape, she will crawl into my lap.
I know when she has that wide eyed look, she's going to go out for a little while.
Knowing that she is my last little one, I am soaking it all in while I can.
On the 14th, after she tired herself out catching "tad-a-poles," I held her for two hours while she napped in my arms.
I took pictures one handed with my cell phone:

 photo 1-7_zpsa0cfa008.jpg

 photo 2-7_zps2f82445c.jpg

 photo 3-4_zps31050026.jpg