Monday, July 15, 2013

Not the First Time It Has Happened

 photo expensivedriveway_zps29c336f0.jpg

Somehow the children broke a piece in my collection of handmade Italian ceramic pottery.

Life happens!

Like other things over the last 18 years, it now makes fine pothole fill for the driveway. I first learned of the practice of filling in driveway potholes with old ceramic, shells, broken tile, asphalt shingles, etc from my grandfather who used it in his driveway the entire time I was growing up. We turn the points down so they don't damage tires. Once the car goes over them, they are crushed into smaller pieces. When we tore out the chimneys in our house, we filled the driveway potholes with the bricks. You can't see them now, but there are 2.5 chimneys in our driveway...and tons of things that the children have broken over the years. :-)