Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Park...Somewhere

 photo IMG_1335_zps84725ebe.jpg

Bethany is growing up way too quickly!

 photo caleb_zpsf1253aee.jpg

Caleb the Conqueror

 photo prettycoolwhenufilluptheswings_zps9dc0b69a.jpg

just hangin' out

 photo crabbait_zpscb110616.jpg

See the detail on the crab in the last photo.
Emily looks so much like Bethany here.

 photo amandasmellmyshoe_zpsef4f3a84.jpg

Joshua told Amanda to sniff his shoe. He's constantly picking on her now that they are about the same size. 

 photo hannah_zps7f2a478d.jpg

Happy Hannah

 photo crab_zps332c25fa.jpg

The crab is very cool!

 photo a_zps3639d9d5.jpg
Amanda was game to pose for the picture without makeup and with windblown hair. She rocks!

This was taken on an impromptu excursion to look at a rental. I do not remember exactly where this park is located or what it's name is. I remember a water tower in Kilmarnock being near it though.