Saturday, October 19, 2013

How We Kept Caleb's PICC Dry When He Showered

The blog starts back to the scheduled postings tomorrow. I will update about Caleb again next week after we see the doctor.

We were told to keep Caleb's PICC dry when he showered. Having seen PICC infections before, it was not something we wanted to risk for our son. We were given a sleeve with elastic ends to cover it, but it did not look adequate. A quick check on the internet revealed many people having to call for someone to do a dressing change after using it. Caleb didn't want to go through that either. So Caleb, Joshua, and I took all of the suggestions we found on the internet and combined them. We had SUCCESS! After gathering supplies, it took us about 4 minutes to wrap his arm and about a minute to remove it, so it's not too time consuming to repeat each day. Caleb was able to take a long shower and clean himself well. And, he was happy because he kept his PICC completely dry! Caleb said, "Mom, put that on the blog so other moms can keep their kids from going through another dressing change."

 photo 1_zps8c8f10e1.jpg
plain PICC

 photo 3_zps2218d70f.jpg
clean dish towel layer to soak up any water that might get through
our towel stayed dry

 photo 4_zps9808c08f.jpg
saran wrap with both ends taped

 photo 5_zps0106bc34.jpg
sleeve they gave us
He made me tape the ends "just to be sure!"

As he bathed, he kept the PICC arm pointed away from the spray.