Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Urgent Prayer Request: J.

10/30/2013: Please pray for my friend's boyfriend, J, who accidentally shot himself as he was reholstering his pistol sometime in the last day or two. The bullet traveled down his body and missed his major organs, but severed an artery in his leg. He has a hidden bleed that needs to stop or be found as soon as possible. BP is very low. He has received over 40 units of blood plus plasma and electrolytes and has had to have dialysis. 

This man was very safety conscious, kept the safety on always, and had a heavy trigger weight set on his gun. They are not sure how this happened simply because with how careful this man was, it shouldn't have happened. And, HOW doesn't really matter right now. He needs our intercessory prayers. 

The biggest prayer need right now is that God will spare his life and stop the hidden bleeding. Please also pray for his family and for my friend, M. I will update when and if information is shared. 

Update 12:59 p.m.: Blood pressure has come up a little bit. They think the bleed is slowing.

Update 2:12 p.m.: Bleeding has stopped, praise the Lord! They are going to do dialysis again. M was able to see him and talk to him. They had not allowed this before because he was too unstable.

Update 9:31 p.m.: I was not home to update, but J had a little rise in bp, but now it is dropping again. It could be the bleeding has started again.

Update 10/31/2013: from M "Update: J continues to hold on strong. Blood pressure has moved into the 105/52 and 106/56's, fluctuating around in that range. The nurse seems comfortable with these numbers. Please pray it will stay stabilized post-dialysis, which is going on right now. Continue to pray for peace & strength for his family, this road is going to be long." 

Update 11/1/2013: "While he is still very critical, he is stable. His blood pressure is holding steady and the nurses have even been able to back off on some of the medication that's been used to keep it up. Last night we remarked how peaceful and calm he seemed, like he's just asleep. 

Today, however, at 1pm they are going to do a procedure that is risky for the condition he's in. There going to operate on his abdomen, do a wash out, and attempt to put back in and close up what they had opened since searching for damage caused by the bullet. This has all been prevented up till now by fluid retention and swelling." 

Update 1:59 p.m.: From M: "Update: J is in surgery now, they were supposed to put in a new dialysis catheter at 9 this morning but due to another emergency in the ICU, they postponed it till his surgery this afternoon, so they're putting in the new cath and then moving into the abdomen surgery right afterwards."

Update 11:03 p.m.: "Update: The surgery didn't go as planned, they weren't able to accomplish what they set out to do because when they went in the abdomen, they found that about a third of his colon tissue had died. They had to remove it and reconnect the good parts back together but they anticipate that more of it might die. This was caused by the medicine that they gave him to drive his pressure up, it constricts the veins to increase the pressure but often a side effect is that some veins don't get any flow at all which is what happened in that area.

They then had to make more incisions in his right leg to relieve some of the pressure that's being caused by the swelling. The doctor said that they found and removed dead muscle tissue in both the upper and lower portions of the leg. He mentioned that he isn't optimistic at this point about him keeping the leg. He thinks that it might end up being a source of future infection.

Lastly, earlier today, his heart started beating very irregular and rapidly, I can't remember why they said this happened but they are treating it with medication and hope that it fixes itself as they are able to keep lowering the blood pressure medication.

So....he made it through the surgery and I'm hanging on to all the promises that we have been given. There will be smiles and laughter ahead, just like in this picture."

Update 11/2/2013: from M: "The optimism level on keeping his leg has hit an all time low. They found more dead muscle mass than they were anticipating. His blood pressure is up and down today, They are controlling it as best they can with the minimum amount of medicine possible. God is faithful, He is good, He is in control, He is sovereign, He knows the plans He has for J, and they're plans for a hope and a future. I'm resting...rooted and grounded, in these promises." 

J's loved ones are under extreme stress and worry combined with little rest. Please pray for them to deal more kindly and patiently with one another. Please keep praying for J's life to be spared, for healing to begin, and that his leg will be spared as well. J is still getting dialysis every day. He is in a drug induced coma with paralytic drugs. 

Update 11/3/2013: from M: "Here at the hospital now, haven't been able to see him yet today. He is running a fever that started yesterday. It's up to 102 right now. He's also in atrial fib which means his heartbeat is fast and irregular.  I went to church this morning, and it was amazing. Pastor prayed for John from the pulpit and lots more happened during the rest of the service. I placed John into the hands of the God, I have to lay down the weight of all of this. I'm not strong enough to carry this burden. I need the broad shoulders of the Lord. Thank you all for praying with me, for John and also for me."

Update 4:26 p.m.: from M: "I got to see him very briefly, hold his hand, stroke his hair and tell him how much I love him. He's still in atrial fib, his heart rate is fluctuating and beating rapidly around 120 to 130. But his fever is down to 100.2. Thanks for praying.

A group of ladies will be fasting and praying for John. If you feel led, please join us even if it's for just a few hours.

Update 10:48 p.m.: from M: "Fever is still ongoing, but bp has stabilized and heart rate is at an acceptable level. Thank you Father."

Update 11/4/2013 11:16 a.m.: from M: "His mom just called me, they are taking him into surgery now to try again at what they set out to do during Friday's surgery. In addition to the abdominal surgery, they are going to do a trach, as they expect him to be on the respirator at least one more week. Ready for some good news?? Before prepping him for surgery, they took him off the paralytic drugs and lowered his sedation levels and when they asked him to open his eyes, he did! Thank you Father!! They didn't let him stay conscious for long though in order to get him ready for surgery. So this is the latest, my honey is still in there, fighting hard!!"

Update 2:34 p.m.: Thank you to all who are praying John and his family through this. Update from M: "He's out of surgery with great results!!!!! They were able to put everything back in, didn't close it up completely, left the drainage tube in. They've started to bring him off of the paralytics, the trach was successful, they're going to start easing him out of sedation so they can better gauge his pain levels and we can start communicating with him!! Thank you Father again for all the miracles!!" PRAISE THE LORD!!!

Update 11/5/2013: From M: I tried really really hard to type out an update last night. I'm pretty sure I remember getting at least 4 or 5 sentences written. But my exhaustion level won out. I don't think I've slept so hard since all this started. 

I went to see him about 7 last night and spent about an hour in his room. He didn't wake up for me, but they're expecting his consciousness to increase today as his body continues to metabolize all the anesthesia and sedatives from yesterday's surgery. They're going to be doing dialysis first thing this morning, so they said after that, they're expecting to see some progress. His mom and I are planning a camp-out in his room here shortly lol. 

Prayer Requests: His lungs are sounding interesting the nurse said. They can do suction, etc, and as long as they don't have to start increasing the vent settings, we're good. But pray for that. Also continue to pray for his leg. There are three drainage/swelling cuts that are being drained right now. His foot was very warm to the touch and i could feel the pulse myself in his ankle. Just pray that they would continue to find ALIVE tissue and that God would heal the nerves.

Finally, please pray peace for him today as he comes back to consciousness and attempts to wrap his mind around what happened." 

Update 3:29 p.m.: The medical evaluation for J did not go as we had hoped today. From M: "The doctors say the leg has to go. Tomorrow." His mother is not taking it well. M has unexplained peace. J has no idea. He has not been conscious. When he wakes up, he will be told of how long he's been out and all that has happened to save his life. Please join me in prayer  that the Lord will grant a safe amputation with a quick recovery and no complications. Also pray God will grant J the same unexplainable peace as M has about it. I am sorry to hear this for J, but believe firmly God has a plan. Difficulty happens to us all. It is better if we obey God about sharing each other's burdens than trying to guess why, find fault, or pick apart another person's beliefs or practices. Galations 6:2 Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. If you would like to send a card of encouragement to J, I will get it to him. Send it to Wendy Asbell, For John, P.O. Box 244, Achilles, VA 23001.

Update 11/6/2013: I've been out, so unable to update, but they amputed his leg this morning. From M: "He's out, just got to see him. He's stable. They took the leg just above the knee. Dialysis next. But he's good. They said everything should really start improving now."

Update 9:46 p.m.: They lowered the sedatives. J squeezed his mother's hand in response to her request and tried to speak to her. This is all good news! J is an ex police officer and was extremely safety conscious. The family is still mystified about how this happened.

The next updates will be here.