Thursday, November 21, 2013

Doctor Pushing You to Have Vaccines You Feel Are Unsafe? Here's a Form For Him to Fill Out

I had a friend whose doctor was bullying her to vaccinate her children. He'd bring it up every office visit. He called her at home. He even threatened to call CPS. She told him she would happily comply if he would guarantee vaccines were completely safe and no harm would come to her children. He said, "I guarantee nothing will happen to your children if you vaccinate them." She then pulled out a short form that basically said no harm would come to her children from the doctor's recommended use of vaccines, and if harm did come to them, he would pay her family $1 million dollars. He immediately declined without further discussion and never brought the discussion up again. If it is so "safe" he will take a parent to task repeatedly for it questioning the safety after they had already refused and was willing to threaten the family to comply through CPS, then he should have been able to give her the "no risk" guarantee she sought.

My own husband studied vaccinations in great detail when we had our children. As he learned more, he became more concerned. When asked if we would vaccinate our son with a certain vaccine, Clint said no. Then, he explained his concerns with the ingredients. The nurse replied, "I agree, those are dangerous, but those things aren't in vaccines any more." Clint challenged the nurse to produce the vaccine information sheet which he had already read online. Then, he located the ingredient and showed her what was in the vaccines she was injecting into children daily. It was the same ingredients she said weren't in them! If the health professionals are going to help your children stay healthy, shouldn't they know what they are injecting into their bodies? And, shouldn't you, the parent God entrusted those lives to, know too?