Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Prayer Request: FGH Alumni's Mother

Forest Glen alumni Liane asked me to post a prayer request for her mother, Carol. Carol has been treated for recurrent UTIs for over a year now. On Monday, Carol was found very lethargic with memory loss. Upon admittance to Obici, she was found to also be dehydrated with a UTI that turned septic. Her blood analysis showed a very serious infection. Hospital doctors said the doctor she was seeing did not do the required blood testing for infection, was not giving her enough antibiotic to eradicate the infection, and should have admitted Carol to the hospital long before this point. She is slightly better than she was on Monday, but this is still a very serious situation. This family has been through a great deal over the last year with the loss of Liane's son Rickey and Mrs K's need for surgery. Liane covets and appreciates your prayers for her mother. I know sweet Ms. K appreciates them too.