Sunday, December 22, 2013

I Made a Dress for My Tinkerbell Princess

 photo H1_zps5a08dc9b.jpg

no see

 photo H5_zpsdee236b8.jpg

a reminder "don't speak what you see"
She kept laughing so hard it kept coming off. She'd stick it back up there and start laughing again! Emily is so much fun!

 photo H2_zps5de73d60.jpg

 photo H6_zps32e0249d.jpg

 photo H8_zps3e47c524.jpg

princess skirt

 photo H9_zps8a5cf884.jpg

her smile 
worth every single stitch

 photo HannahTinkerbell_zps3518a2d0.jpg

petal skirt

 photo 1219131114_zpsb7c64e83.jpg

I had enough leftover to make a dress and wings for Hannah's AG and MA dolls. That was a big hit too!

 photo H14_zps77d80337.jpg