Friday, December 27, 2013

Prayer Request

12/27/2013: Step one has happened. Please keep praying.

12/23/2013: Something big on this happens this week. Please keep us in prayer as we go forward with this opportunity. We are asking God to open and close doors according to HIS will in our lives.

12/19/2013: We received more info on this again today. We don't know if God is going to open this door or is preparing our family member for something else. We don't want to step through it unless it is God's will. Please join us in praying. Thank you.

12/18/2013: We received more positive information regarding this today. Please keep praying. 

12/16/2013: They were approached again by a different party who is not aware the first party also has them in mind for the job. That's two people in a managerial position who have our family member in mind. We do not know where God is going with this, but He clearly wants our attention on this matter. Thank you for praying with us.

12/12/2013: Someone in our family was approached about a possible job opportunity that would be a very big step up. There is a small issue to work around. We are asking you to join us in prayer for wisdom and guidance. We are also asking that God will open this door if it is His will for our family member.