Thursday, January 02, 2014

January 2014 Update

I am in the middle of preparing for the delightful company of old friends and new. Please pray we are able to minister to their battered hearts while they stay. 

We had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed our company and family very much. Due to time constraints, we did not get to do our annual ride through all of Hampton Roads to look at the lights, but did carve a little time out for our local displays. We had a very full and very special Christmas season!

For New Year's we had a meeting with another couple, followed by a dinner date, and then celebrated at home as a family with a Bible study and prayer. As our tradition, we prayed the New Year in as a family.

On the first, we started out by cooking a breakfast, followed by family time of praise and worship, time with each of our younger children, going with Amanda to look at something for a future goal, and then shopping with Brandon. We ended the first day of the New year with a movie for Clint and I.

There are a few situations in the works which are looking very promising. I can't share about them, but do appreciate prayer for them. Something big and good may happen for one of us on the 9th, so we ask your prayers for the success of that. No matter what happens, this month is going to be an exciting one!

Clint and I have plans to spend time in Kilmarnock to visit with family there. We have a couple of romantic weekends planned over the next few months. It's going to be fun!

This may be the last year we can sponsor Flor de Maria, so please be in prayer for her. She says she is not ready to give her life to Christ. This burdens us for us with what we know of her environment.