Saturday, February 08, 2014

It Survived!

Back in October, I heard a very faint noise in my room. I thought it was something in the wall. When I would ask Clint to listen for it, it would stop making the noise. This went on for TWO days. I thought I was hearing things! Finally, it kept making noise, and we were able to track it down. There was a newborn kitten in our bedroom closet!!!!

 photo 1_zpsa56f2d7b.jpg

This was quite a mystery because the only cat that could have kittens had just weaned a litter! We have another cat we rescued from an abusive situation. She longs to be a mother, but can't have kittens. She has a history of stealing kittens from other cats which is what we think she did. I guess when it kept asking for milk and she had none, she dropped it off in our bedroom closet thinking we'd take care of it. She was right, but a little more direct notification would have been appreciated!

The kitten had been in the closet for at least two days. It was so weak feeding it was a challenge. Its body temperature was too low. I had a talk with the children about probable odds and asked them to pray for me to have wisdom to know how to help it and to not cause harm in my efforts.

After moving the kitten from place to place trying to find solutions to give it the best shot at life, we decided to see if Miracle, the one who just weaned her litter, would take the kitten. Our old girl did. Because her milk supply was low, we had to supplement the baby for weeks with a bottle, but she was warm and kept the kitten clean and safe. Eventually her milk came back enough to supply a little nourishment and a lot of comfort to the kitten. 

 photo 2a_zps4544997c.jpg

Here's Ford today! (Amanda named him.)

 photo 3_zps231445bb.jpg

Here's Miracle and Ford with their best buddy, Brandon!
They are overwintering in Brandon's "wing" of the house.

 photo miracleandford_zps838bc84d.jpg