Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Prayer Request and a Praise

One of us covets your prayers tomorrow morning that the Lord will grant favor for a successful meeting. Thank you!

J-They are trying to fit him in for surgery to replace the infected cath sometime today. Please pray this is done today, is successful and ends the infections, and gives him a huge leap forward in his recovery. He still has a big surgery to go before he can think about going home, and the journey has already been very long and hard. Thank you for praying for our weary friend.

Brandon had more good news (achievements) come in this week! He's gone from staying on the President's list in college to continually making steady advances in his career and obtaining certifications by continuing his education! We are frequently (nearly every week) getting outstanding compliments on Brandon's skills, work ethic, integrity level, and personal conduct. This week, we were told he has "amazing credentials for someone his age" since most of his peers are still in college. Yes, we are very proud of how our son is representing the Lord and our family. Thank you for rejoicing with us!

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