Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thank You

Update 2/15: Well, the lump came back and I have to keep limiting the use of my wrist/hand which was already limited due to an overuse issue.

UPDATE 2/13: I only have a little soreness and the big lump was mostly absorbed last night. It was creepy looking, so I am glad it is gone!  The soreness and bruising is not as bad as they told me to expect. I am only a little sore, but have kept my promise to Clint to rest today. God is gracious and His Hand is upon me! Thank you for all of the prayers and concern! 


This morning, I ran outside without a coat to take the horse some food and on my way back in, I missed a step. I fell HARD. I caught myself with my right arm near my wrist. I skinned my knee, elbow, and have a few scrapes and bruises. My first impression was that I had broken my arm.

Due to the level of impact and large amount of swelling, I was advised to have it checked out. As the minutes passed, I felt it was OK, but wasn't 100% on that because the knot was big and ugly. I informed Clint of what happened, told him what had been recommended, and told him I felt we could take a wait and see approach. Clint saw a picture of the injury and said he was taking me to a doctor. He had checked the two hospitals we normally use, and they had long wait times. So we went to a new one.

At the ER, I was taken back immediately and treated very well by some friendly doctors, nurses, and technicians. The medical team and I got along great, and we were laughing and cutting up a bit while we waited for my x-ray results. My high pain tolerance was complimented on by the x-ray tech. :-) 

A pregnant nurse and I had a conversation about pregnancy, labor, and children. She told me she found my pregnancy history fascinating and inspiring and had never met a person so undefeated by something (pregnancy losses) so difficult. I hope with all my heart she saw Jesus in me.

I am very thankful I did not break my arm. I have a hematoma the size of a lemon with bruising from wrist to elbow. I am sore. I have some scratches and ache all over (neck, shoulder, elbow, etc) from the impact. They put me in a sling and gave me five days worth of pain meds and told me to take it easy. I told them I'd give "easy" a good effort.

As it worked out on this seemingly chaotic day, we were at the perfect place and time to help a neighbor and a co-worker of Clint's out of the ditch saving him money and a lengthy wait. God has a plan and nothing throws Him off schedule.

THANK YOU everyone who showed concern, offered me a ride, offered to help out with the children, called, texted, etc. THANK YOU to the KNUCKLEHEADS that teased me. Verbally sparring with you keeps life fun and interesting! Buy me the cane, and I will crack it over your head. :-)

AND SO IT GOES: My children informed me they are going to chip in and buy me a Life Alert necklace for Mother's Day. Amanda is going to bedazzle it, and the rest will sign the back of it so I can keep them close to my heart. I have taught them well...maybe too well! :-)