Monday, March 17, 2014

Every Step of the Way We Heard It Couldn't Happen. But God Said...

"It is My will."

This story started over 20 years ago...

When Clint said he wanted me to prayerfully consider homeschooling because that was where he felt the Lord leading Him, I thought, "I can't do that." God replied, "You won't. I will do it through you."

When we let others know, people said our children would be lacking in academic and social skills. "They won't be able to get a diploma." God made a way for them to get a high school diploma that is accredited by the same agency that accredits the high school diplomas for all of the schools in our state and region of the country. 

We stopped worrying about social skills when Brandon was seven years old and spent two hours discussing automobiles with a 40 year old who said Brandon was one of the most articulate children he had ever spoken with in his life. "It was like talking with another adult."

We were told homeschooled children couldn't attend college which was already disproved at the time it was said. Even 20 years ago colleges sought out and accepted homeschooled students. 

Then we were told they could not compete with other college students. Both of our oldest children have excelled or are excelling in post-secondary education. Neither had problems making friends, but their professors said they stood out as being very respectful and hard working. 

Brandon was told after graduating college that he'd have to work 2-3 years in a lower position before he'd ever be considered for a job at a higher level. "There are no shortcuts from here to where you want to go. It doesn't happen that way."

When over a dozen friends approached us individually to let us know there was an IT job opening coming soon and suggested Brandon apply, we thought, "The company policy says this can't happen, but we have seen God make a way before."

When Clint's and Brandon's "outstanding level of integrity" was remarked upon as why the company knew there would be "not even a hint of suspicion," we were thankful for the testimony God has given us for Him.

When we were told Brandon "kicked butt" in the many interviews and tests, had the best cover letter, the best resume, had the best credentials of any applicant including those who have worked in the field for 20+ years, and "sold himself" as a skilled IT worker, we thanked God for allowing Brandon to stand out. That was also the moment when I felt those long hours for all of those years spent at the dining room table paid off. Clint and I followed where God led, and God kept His promise to us.

Brandon graduated from college less than a year ago. He has worked very, very hard to earn several IT certifications since graduating. He passed every one of them in one exam sitting. He was awarded an entry level job in his field at a local company that is known for being picky about who it hires. 

Brandon worked hard for his bosses and was given consistent promotions and raises. While he was going through the process for the new job, he was given the systems administration work at the regional jail through his then current job. This helped him in a later interview prove he could do the work at the new job. Even the network layout is the same between the two places. God's timing is amazing!

Before he applied for the new job in December, our family gathered around him and prayed for him to have this job IF it was God's will for him. If it wasn't, we asked God to close the door. The wait for an answer was a long one! 

When he was given the new job, we raised the roof with praise!

No one who wanted him to have the job was able to help Brandon. The people who made the decision were strangers who flew in from Georgia to conduct testing and interviews. Earning this job was 100% God's blessing and favor upon Brandon due to Brandon's hard work and humble attitude.

Today, Brandon starts a very nice position for a very nice salary with a great company with lots of room to move up. God is not limited by people's ideas or expectations!

He is in charge of the systems administration work for two large plants and a few hundred employees. He has two offices, a cubicle, and at least two storage rooms at his disposal. He will have excellent pay with vision, dental and health benefits that start on day one including paid holidays and paid vacation time. They will provide him with the nicest cell phone and computers available. He will have business and travel expense accounts. They will also pay for him to continue his education and attend IT training classes. If the Lord allows him to continue in this position, he will soon make more money than Clint does. That's impressive for a 21 year old! Thank You, Lord!

When I commented about how much more money he'd be bringing home, Brandon said, "Good! I can tithe more to the Lord each week."

Clint and I are at an age where we can see what God was doing so many years ago when He led us to homeschooling. We are humbled that He would do this work through us. We are very thankful for our son's new job. If we, as Christians, follow the Lord and let Him lead us, He will bring us to a place where we can prove our nay-sayers wrong and worship and rejoice in Him. 

Thank you to everyone who has been praying along and rejoicing with us through each IT certification exam passing, promotions at his former job, and successes at each of the many steps in the interview process for the new job. It was a long process!

 photo 1_zpsf26cdffc.jpg
Brandon leaving this morning for his new job!
He didn't want his picture taken, 
but let me do it to thank our family and friends for their prayers.