Tuesday, March 18, 2014

River Rock for Gravel

 photo riverrock_zps359191d5.jpg

 photo riverrock2_zps0ca02da3.jpg

I was asked what kind of gravel I use in the bottom of my fish aquariums. I go to Lowes and buy the big bags of river rock for $3-$4 and rinse them repeatedly before using. When I asked someone if this could be used over 20 years ago, they told me it couldn't be used because it would put dirt and bacteria into the aquarium. I figured both of those can be washed away, so I used it. I have not had a single issue with disease or parasites in over 20 years of doing this. The river rock looks more natural and has beautiful colors under the lights. After I rinse them, I shake them to settle the small gravel to the bottom so I can scoop up the larger rocks. The larger rocks form gaps where the fish fry can hide and help the water to flow somewhat better to keep the tank cleaner.