Monday, April 28, 2014

Chip, Chip!!

This weekend, I walked outside and called for Chip. He or she came and sat on the wire and "talked to me" for a long time. He flew over my head off and on for several hours often landing near where I was working and chirping his little heart out. I talked back when I could. His parents even came by for a quick "fly over." It was the first time some people have been able to see me interact with Chip this year. They were impressed and are calling me the "Bird Whisperer."

One thought keeps hitting me when I see Chip: Chip and I both made it. We both survived a very hard year and are thriving under God's care!

Every time I see a barn swallow, I am reminded of their symbolism and God's love for me. I am reminded of how He sent those particular birds to my very door in answer to a specific prayer I prayed at a time when they should have been nesting elsewhere. I remember my gratitude for God's help when I see the swallow's gratitude for mine. It's a unique and personal love. I am precious to Him. So are you. Get to know your Creator through His Word and find out how much He loves YOU in a unique and personal way. 

*Our plans were rescheduled due to Clint's company having such a hard time with machinery that we were afraid he'd be called in for an emergency. It worked out for the better because Clint and I were able to get a great deal accomplished. We also came to decisions on a few opportunities that have been presented to us. We're both excited of what the future holds! God's timing is best!