Thursday, May 01, 2014

A Story Worth Reading

Tyler has always talked about heaven. About how he can't wait to get there. She said she thought it was because he heard them saying how wonderful it would be…some day. But he looked at her Sunday afternoon, before the storm, and told her he was ready to go to heaven. "Will you miss me?" he asked her. "Well yes," she said, "but let's not talk like that now." "How long will you miss me?" he persisted. And she just smiled and said, "I guess until I see you again."

"I have peace," she told me last night through her tears, "I know I have more pain to go through that I probably can understand. But I have supernatural peace.  I don't know what God has for me and my husband that our boys couldn't be here for, but I do know that He is good. His plan is good."

To read the rest of the story of April and Daniel, who lost their two precious boys, Tyler and Cameron, go here. Please lift them and their loved ones up in prayer. Their journey will be a very difficult one with some very challenging moments, but they will get through it. I know this because I know the God they serve and personally know of His compassion for hurting parents.

I am friends with a friend of this family who reported April and Daniel were badly injured themselves. This friend's son, Josh, was a close friend of Cameron's and is struggling with losing his friend. They are asking for prayers for emotional and physical healing for all of the people affected in Arkansas.