Saturday, May 31, 2014

Happy 45th Birthday Clint!!

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I am blessed to have a husband who has not only encouraged my reaching out to others, but has exampled it our entire marriage. Clint Asbell is the godliest, most loving, most forgiving, most willing to work to share God's love person that I know. I have seen him self sacrifice to help strangers time and time again. He has taken in a child who was not his own and paid for them to receive an education, helped them straighten their finances and save their car, and told them about the importance of knowing Christ.

Skill wise, I don't think there is too much he can't do. He has built houses from the ground up and can do wiring, plumbing, framing, foundation laying, detailing, roofing, vinyl siding, etc, etc, etc. He has a natural aptitude with large and small engines and electricity. Math is his strong suit and computer programming comes easily to him. If it needs doing, he will try his hand at it. 

He's tough, but gentle. I have seen him take a terrified and rearing Thoroughbred and calm it down with only words. The rooster that attacked our daughter was soon extra crispy when Daddy found out. He has made sure the widows of his friends had all they needed. He has stood up to bullies in public places and sent them out the door. He held our still born children until the last possible moment to make certain even their still forms knew his loving arms.

When he is discouraged or weary, I take him by the hand and walk him around our 14 acres and point out what he has built on this little farm. There is so much, it takes a good while.Then, I show him our seven children and remind him we have more waiting. I pull the meat and vegetables he harvested himself out of the freezer and thank him for hunting/fishing and helping in the garden. I make sure he sees how God has worked through him to provide, protect, and bring up this family and farm.

When he shares his testimony and family history, people are floored that he is not bitter, angry, and resentful, but has a heart filled with love, forgiveness, and kindness. He has overcome so much through CHRIST! The standard he lives out for our children is high. I feel blessed every day I am his wife and mother to his children. 

Frequently when I meet one of his co-workers or close friends, they tell me I have been blessed with an outstanding man. I am honored to be his wife and the mother of his children. 

Happy Birthday Clint!!

I love you. I have always been and am still

...all yours!