Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Birthday, Brandon!!

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Happy Birthday, Brandon! 

Ever since God has graced our lives with you, you have been a great joy and delight! As we have tried to bring you up in the Lord, you have taught us more about the nature of our Father.

We are very proud of your accomplishments and successes. It thrills our heart every time someone tells us how talented you are. Last week, someone told us you found a solution to a problem in just a few minutes that they had been dealing with for years. 

You can not begin to know how scary it was for your father and I to surrender to the call to homeschool you and your siblings. We were stepping out into a world where no one we knew had gone before. We had no idea what we were doing, but chose to follow and not question. Now, here we are. God was clearly in control and even through our failings and short comings, He was working His perfect plan for your life. He still is.

It blesses us when your co-workers compliment us for your manners, integrity, and work ethic. We are thankful for the example you set to your siblings. You stand out for the Lord and have made us renew our efforts as parents. 

We are thrilled when we see how much you tithe each week. You have a heart to do the Lord's work and help others. Your plans for the future seem very sound and wise, but always listen for the Lord's leading. Where He will take you will be better than anything you can imagine for yourself.

Lastly, you would have had your birthday party last weekend, but you made a comment to Joshua that you suspected it was going to happen that day. So, Dad and I decided to mix things up on you!

We love you very much! 


Mom and Dad

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