Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Faster Way to Compost

We are doing this in conjunction with our worm bin.

Why Bokashi?

  • It is versatile.  You can compost all of your kitchen wastes including dairy, meat, and  baked goods.  Why throw any of that away?
  • No strong putrid odors.
  • No insects or rodents.
  • No nutrients are lost.  Everything is contained within the system.
  • Minimal greenhouse gases are produced.
  • The bokashi process is compact.  No need for a yard or large compost piles.
  • No turning necessary.
  • No need to worry about green to brown ratios.
  • The scraps are inoculated with beneficial microorganisms.
  • Works great in conjunction with vermiculture.
  • It is easy.  Even a child could do it.
  • Great for school projects. to read more, watch the video on how it is done, and see the kit you can buy or make yourself. We simply added bokashi bran to our worm bin, but I thought I'd give you a url where you could learn about the process and buy a kit.