Friday, June 06, 2014

Happy Birthday, Caleb!

Happy Birthday, Caleb!

It's official! You are a TeEnAgEr!!! Yay!!!

Your ability to look at pile of parts and one picture of the finished project and know exactly how to put it together continues to amaze us! Even the bluebirds think you are a great builder! Every project you take on helps refine those skills. Dad wishes he had your ability to remember exactly where everything is in his tool shed.

You are a kind, humble, tenderhearted soul who always looks out for the people around him. You possess a quiet strength that others often overlook. You are always willing to share whatever you have and take joy when others receive rewards. You watch over everyone and give a helping hand where needed in any way that you can. Your dedication to your family will make you a blessing to your future wife and children as you are to your parents and your siblings.

Thank you for always being willing to help fix or offer suggestions for whatever is broken around our home and farm. You work so hard and give everything your all from playing the most exciting game to the dullest chore. You do not shirk responsibility, but take it on and run with it. God will allow you to make differences in many people's lives over your lifetime.

God will always be there to guide you and provide for you. Never stop looking to Him as you grow. He is the Master Builder and has a set of blueprints just for your life. Give Him the glory in all you do! 

You are a joy! Dad and I love you and are very proud of you! Our lives would not be complete without you! I am so thankful I did not listen to the doctors and stop having children at two. I would have missed out on something so precious to me...YOU!