Friday, June 13, 2014

It Finally Happened

Caleb built a few birdhouses out of scrap wood and hinges. We've been seeing a lot of interest, but no activity so far. I walked out onto the deck after a very productive, but tiring day to give the Lord thanks for the things that had been accomplished when I saw a bird go into the box. I grabbed the binoculars to see what kind it was when it exited. I waited and waited and waited. Did I miss it leaving? I decided to go check it out.

I took camera and walked very slowly. I saw a sweet little face looking back at me.

 photo 1_zps0fe59d30.jpg

I lightened it so you can see it better.

 photo 2_zps8d7a90fe.jpg

I got a little closer.

 photo 3_zpsa1dea5d3.jpg

I would not let everyone go near her, but I did let the young man who built her home go see his new tenant.

I told Caleb to walk slowly and see what was in the box. I knew he'd turn and look at me as soon as he saw her, so I made ready with the camera. It took a year from when he put them up, but it finally happened!

 photo firstglimpse_zps7100ecf9.jpg

"Oh, COOL!"