Thursday, June 05, 2014

Muscovy Ducks

 photo a_zps5e37022b.jpg

Our Muscovy ducks are stock from lines of the French company Grimaud Freres. They are top quality stock. They are a year old and have started laying eggs. We will be offering eggs for hatching, eggs and birds as food, ducklings for raising, and breeding pairs for sale.

Grimaund Feres is world reknowned for their excellent genetics and potential. Their muscovy ducks typically weigh more than average. This line of ducks will make an excellent addition to your farm or homestead.

Muscovy ducks have a softer voice, more like a goose's hiss, than the typical loud quack. This makes them ideal where you have concerns for noise. Their meat is leaner and does not taste like typical duck meat. Many say it can taste like veal or ham depending on how you prepare it. They are excellent mothers, reproduce easily, and can take care of themselves. They do need their wings clipped periodically because the females and juevniles can and will fly.