Monday, June 16, 2014

You Can't Defend Them if You Don't Know Them

It is sickening to me at how little adults know about what makes our country a wonderful place to live. There was a heavy price paid for our freedoms, but so few today truly appreciate them. People died to give us the opportunities that are being disregarded and thrown away. Many college students can't even come up with list of a few of our precious rights. I am making it easy for you to educate yourself and your child.

Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights for Children I copied and pasted these into a document and printed them out. I hung them in 5 different places in our home for a few weeks. I then offered each of my children a reward for each one they could name. 

Printable Constitution I have had this printed out and hung where my children can read it.

Free Printable Pocket Constitution I own a similar one of these that was given away for free many years ago.