Tuesday, July 01, 2014

A Praise!

A person I have been struggling off and on to forgive for a year now for constant nasty verbal attacks (weekly and sometimes daily) against my child is being removed from my child's life. This person was continually trying to lead my child into doing wrong. When my child would not participate, it made the person very angry. I kept praying God would take care of the situation, help the person find healing, and teach my child through it. 

I told my child not to worry about the one person who did not like them, but to focus on the many who loved them. My child did their best to respond kindly realizing the issue was the other person's inner struggles. A lot of the mistreatment stemmed from the fact my child would not lie for them or steal with them. Well, the person didn't stop being mean, but the person is gone out of my child's life. Thank You, Lord!!!

I am thankful for the experience because it showed my child's character and strength. My other children were able to see their sibling rewarded for keeping their integrity intact. As for the other person, we are still praying they find healing and are asking God to send people to them who will facilitate that.