Tuesday, July 08, 2014

It was a spring of work, work, work!

 photo girdsherloins_zpse595ccd5.jpg
Amanda has worked on our farm beside Clint and I since she was little. She knows the benefit of hard work and has girded her loins with strength. She will be a big blessing to her future family.

 photo installedownwindow_zps59671475.jpg
installing the window

 photo insulation_zps1568cbe2.jpg

 photo walls_zps79f4f71e.jpg

 photo outlet_zps28520dc5.jpg
Clint taught her how to do the wiring since this was her first time. She has done the other things before. She cuts her outlets close!

 photo artstudio3_zps4f37f885.jpg
Time out for fun!

Clint and I and the rest of our family helped her when we could. I don't just take pictures. I get beside them and work hard too. Amanda was able to start using her art studio in just a couple of weeks after receiving it. She put in two lofts to increase footage, an extra window, wiring, insulation, lighting, walls, and an air conditioner. She has more she plans to do, but she is waiting until she can save more money.

We believe that we are all saved the same way, by the undeserved grace of the Lord Jesus. Acts 15:11