Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jumbo Pearl Guinea Keets

 photo keetslookdead_zps194420e7.jpg
Guinea keets don't sleep upright like a chick. They stretch out and sleep on their sides. I went to the poultry shed early to check on them the first morning after arrival. I saw all 42 of them sprawled out with legs and necks extended and thought, "Oh, I have done something really, really wrong!" That was right before I remembered...keets sleep like that!

Jumbo Pearl Guineas grow around 30% larger. That means they eat more bugs. Guineas are known for eliminating ticks and snakes. They will pick the ticks out of the grass or off of a dog that lies still long enough. Some dogs come to enjoy the "grooming."

I grow wheat grass for my juicing. I cut a handful off and snip it very short into their brooder twice a day. They love it!

 photo wheatgrass_zpsc1eb3583.jpg