Friday, August 08, 2014

Chip! Chip! Chip, Chip!!!

 photo 1_zps1c468ac6.jpg

The Barn Swallows did not use their nest over the front door again this year.

I think that makes the story a bit more special.

They are close by and come frequently to say hi. Chip's parents come in together and sit on the line to talk to me with their clicks and quieter chirps. There is no doubt when Chip is here because of the loud greetings I receive and then the circling over my head! From the way they fly in, I think both Chip and her parents are nesting somewhere on the next road over.

 photo swallow_zps72ca2994.jpg

Recently, I was working in the yard all day moving poultry around, cutting grass, planting plants, converting a hoop house into a multi-rabbit house, and adding a 400 square foot completely enclosed waterfowl pen. Chip came in from behind our farm loudly chirping with a mate flying quietly behind and flew over my head four times. Chip was about to fly over a fifth time when Joshua opened a door and walked out, so Chip flew back the same way she came. I believe she heard me working in the yard and came over just to say hi. (I think Chip is a girl from the coloring but it's been hard to get a good camera shot to check my theory. It's hard to see plumage from the sun's glare.)

The parents even came back and spent a day doing some work to refortify the nest which you can tell from the new, darker mud. They have also put some things in the nest, but I have not looked to see what. As long as the keep the nest in good shape, we will let it stay as a reminder of how God used them to show me His love during my mourning. I Pray He Sends You Swallows and Turtles

They'll be leaving this month. I'll be praying for their protection and provision again and awaiting them next spring.

 photo sunning_zps1b559dd7.jpg
Chip's parents sunning on the powerline over our front yard.