Thursday, October 02, 2014

Around Here October 2014

 photo fence_zps2a0cc616.jpg
new grow out pen for baby goats currently being cleared out by our pig, Wesson

Clint and I are working together to winterize the farm. It's made for some late evenings, but we have really enjoyed it. We have a lot to do still, but the list is steadily getting smaller. Another door was opened and we have already accomplished two of next year's goals! 

I am storing away all I can to supplement the winter feed bill. I already use fermented feed and a fodder system for the incredible nutritional benefits. I am cutting edible branches for the rabbits and goats and drying hay and other plant materials. Having worked at it a little at a time all summer, I have quite a bit put away.

Brandon had another review at work. He received high praises from three of his bosses and was given another nice raise! He is currently shopping for a car. He told us he is considering one day working as a Linux developer for space technology. He's working on certifications that head in that direction. 

Amanda is maintaining her 4.0 average in college. We are very proud of her! She is a tremendous help around the house and farm. She has insulated the attic space in her art studio. She is working on figuring out what she wants to do for heat. She colors my hair with three different layers of color. I am getting quite a lot of compliments on her work! 

Our youngest five children are thriving in our rural setting. They have loved the addition of animals this year. Quite often, I see them toting their favorite duck or chicken or turkey or rabbit around the farm while doing chores one handed. I am often asked, "Can I have a scoop of corn so I can feed them from my hand?" Their laughter and smiles are a nice reward!

 photo duckling_zps9989b73d.jpg
She calls him "Leader Duck." They are buddies.
They mustn't mind because when she lets the critters go, they stay right at her feet and follow her around!

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 photo 2014-10-01150525_zps387406e5.jpg
Not a great picture, but I am loving my fall sunflower varieties!

His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. 2 Peter 1:3