Monday, November 24, 2014

Hoop House Greenhouse

 photo greenhousesideview_zps40cd45af.jpg

These post was made in October on a day it got to 69F. 
Friends told me to expect a 20F raise, but I checked it frequently throughout the day.
The temp in the greenhouse was 37F higher. I didn't see how much higher it would go after that.
I have rabbits, bantams, and quail in the greenhouse, so I had to open the sides.

 photo greenhouseinside_zps0b3d8ccb.jpg

In the back is my fodder and fermenting station made from a recycled pallet and grocery store display rack. I recycle water jugs to carry water to the greenhouse. I will be thankful when Clint gets the plumbing to that area of our place because I need 10 gallons a day just for the greenhouse.

 photo IMG_9558_zpse6cb6b38.jpg

I added a shade (the fabric part of an old trampoline) to help regulate the temps.

 photo seat_zps556c04eb.jpg

I enjoy taking 5-10 minutes and watching the animals each day.
It settles and recharges me.
You can see the new chunk of fodder I left for the bunnies to disover.

This was covered with a tarp. We took that off and added 6 mil clear plastic sheeting so we could grwo some salad greens over the winter.