Monday, March 16, 2015

Wait Upon the Lord

Following the Lord's leading over the last 10+ years to not defend myself to those who judge me harshly for a situation they know nothing about has been both difficult and good. Placing my trust in the Lord as my name was slandered has minimized self and given Him more of a rightful place in my life. It has been challenging because I have had to battle very hard to be quiet against my flesh's loud and selfish cry to defend myself. I've run the whole course from wanting to beat the snot out of them, to turning the other cheek and loving them while despising their actions, to going back to the start and running the whole course through again. I am humbled and thankful for God's love even when I fail. I know the anguish and outrage of being falsely accused of horrible things I have not said, or done, or felt. This has been good in that it has taught to patiently wait for His vindication and to also look deeper in others. This situation has given me wisdom on which people to let in or avoid. The right kind of people's hearts are revealed when they don't judge or mistreat someone based on others' words. I had affirmation last week that God is at work in this difficult area of my life which was a blessing and a boost of strength to my battered heart! I didn't like the place God put me, but this week, I have been given reasons to praise and thank Him for putting me right here, right now. I've been kept clear and safe of things I'd rather not have involvement. My children have thanked me for handling it as I have. My husband has told me I have shown forebearance. This God given encouragement has made me more determined to bow my head and keep waiting the storm out. Our Father never fails in taking care of us when we place ourselves in His Hands. I want to thank the few who know the truth, have seen the fierce struggle, and have prayed and encouraged me through the times I wanted to give up. I also want to thank those who have stepped up and been positive influences in my life. God is good, and He is worthy to be praised! Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding