Friday, May 08, 2015

Mount Hebron Cemetery

I am fascinated by the stories of every day people who lived before us. This is one of the largest and oldest cemeteries I have visited. There was so much history here. At 56 acres containing four sections there is more than one person can possibly see in a day. With the detailed artwork gracing the monuments and the lovely old trees, it was a very pretty and peaceful place. One of the most interesting sections was the confederate section. This contains 2,576 graves and is divided by state. Here, I learned the stories of mothers who lost all of their sons to the conflict. Some brothers died within days of each other while some soldiers lived long, productive lives after the war.

 photo MH1_zpslmsuhjem.jpg

 photo MH2_zpsi3yliwq9.jpg

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 photo MH4_zpsu3da8ion.jpg

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Cemeteries can be exciting places for the believer!
My soul jumped with joy when I read this!
If this is true, I will encounter this person in eternity!

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You can read about the four sections and learn the history of the cemetery here.