Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Prayers Please

5/6/2015 8 a.m.: Monica's father, Sanford, (see story in side bar) suddenly took a turn for the worse. He is in the hospital. His liver is not functioning. His skin is yellow. They have put in a morphine pain pump and are giving him other pain medicines for bone pain, etc. Liver function is hindered by tumor burden. This is very hard on Monica and her family. Please pray for Sanford's salvation and comfort for the family.

Update 5/6/15 12:30 p.m.: They are awaiting MRI results. They are starting to think this is a very aggressive form of cancer. Sanford has requested a chaplain. Please pray he gets one who speaks Truth and is not led astray by a false teacher. Thank you very much for prayers for this family.

5/7: It is a very aggressive form of cancer. They are setting up hospice. He spoke with the chaplain, and that's all I know about that. He has been given a month, if that.

5/8: From Monica: Daddy gave his life to Christ this morning.